Indian Makkhan

Indian Makkhan:-Galvanized Plain Sheets/Coils

ISC’galvanized steel sheet “Indian Makkhan” is high corrosion resistant. During galvanizing tough metallurgically bonded Zinc coating creates an impervious barrier on the steel and enables the sheet to achieve excellent adhesion and abrasion resistance. Zinc sacrificial action also protects the steel even if minor discontinuity in zinc coating.

Indian Makkhan’s Key Features

• IS 277 and LFQ (TLL) Standard.
• Smooth surface free from dents and surface imperfections.
• Non fluting quality in both longitudinal and transverse direction.
• Flatness below 20 I Value.
• Suitable for bending and forming application.


 Commercial, Forming and Drawing.
 Agricultural Equipments.
 Drums & Barrels.
 False Ceiling.
 Bus body.
 Light Sheet Framing.