Ultratuf Color


Ultra-Tuf color corrugated sheets

ISC’s UltraTuf color coated corrugated sheets are most admired and sworn by throughout the country for its quality, ruggedness and durability. The strength of superior steel base is further bolstered with technological implementation of weather resistant and anti-corrosive paint systems. UltraTuf not only offers a quality product that protects against climatic harshness but also ensures dependability for a long term period.

UltraTuf’s Key features

• Salt Spray Test (SST) 1200 hours+,
• Class 3 of IS 14246:2013 (Higher the class, higher the durability of paint coating),
• Tensile strength 245-650 MPs plus,
• 6 coats,
• Durable & Reliable,
• Wide spectrum of colors with Superior technology,
• Corrosion Resistance,
• Environment friendly.


• Construction
 Cladding/Siding,
 Roofing

Coating Mass Z 90 – 275 gsm
Paint Coating Minimum 35 mircon (Total coating thickness top,bottom,primer)
Base Metal Galvanized plain
Nominal Thickness(TCT) 0.2-0.8 mm
Length 6 Feet – 20 Feet
Yield Strength 245-650 MPa
Width upto 1220 mm
Guard Film 40 Microns