Ultra Shine XL

UltraShine XL – Color coated profile sheets

The ultra wide (4 ft.) UltraShine XL- widest color coated profile sheets, made with most advanced technology. UltraShine XL offers highly cost efficient & durable cladding and roofing solutions for your industrial needs.

UltraShine Key features

• Salt Spray Test (SST) 1200 hours+,
• Class 3 of IS 14246:2013 (Higher the class, higher the durability of paint coating),
• Sheet width 4ft,
• Tensile strength up to 650 MPs plus,
• Withstands wind velocity up to 180 Km/hr,
• Advanced design for better strength, Durable & Reliable,
• 6 coats,
• Wide spectrum of colors Superior technology,
• Corrosion Resistance,
• Environment friendly.


• Construction
 Cladding/Siding,
 Roofing.

Paint Coating Minimum 35 mircon (Total coating thickness top,bottom,primer)
Zinc Coating upto 400 GSM
Base Metal Galvanised plain with dual coating
Nominal Thickness(TCT) 0.0-0.8 mm
Length 12 Mtrs. Max
Wind Speed 180 Kmph*
Yield Strength upto 650 MPa
Guard Film 40 Microns